All You Need To Know About The Juicers In The Indian Market

Juices are a wonderful treat to free your body from all the harmful toxins. In fact, juices are the easiest way to keep your health on track. To find out about the best juicer in india, you need to do a thorough market exploration. According to, the definition of the best juicer can differ as per your requirements. It is obvious as there are plenty of variants to choose from. Just like other kitchen appliances, you need to buy a juicer that will last longer and work without any hassle. A juicer at home means, fresh and healthy item to consume during any time of the day.

A few basic characteristics to look at while selecting a juicer can be its design, speed, cleaning time, noise, storability, etc. There cannot be an exhaustive list of these criteria. However, a few important points can be prioritized. Starting with the design of a juicer, remember that the juicer must not have any design feature that’s hard to clean after its use. A complicated design feature means you will be demotivated to clean it every time which is not good for the juicer. A juicer needs a thorough cleaning after every single use. The unclean juicer can lead to an increase in the noise it produces while operating.

The reason you buy a juicer is to get freshly made juice every day, hence juicing yield is an important criterion to consider. Needless to mention, a juicer that extracts the maximum quantity of juice from vegetable and fruits is the best buy. Talking about the speed of juice extraction by a juicer, the faster it is, the better it is for anyone. Depending on the type of fruit, the juicing speed can vary in a good juicer also. The juicer must have a wider feed tube so that you need not cut the fruit into tiny pieces.

There are basically two types of juicers to choose from. Most commonly used is known as a centrifugal juicer. It is economical and operates well with fruits as well as vegetables. Professionals go for masticating juicers as they are more efficient than centrifugal juicers. The reason for not using a masticating juicer at home is, it is good when you need to make a lot of juice on a daily basis. A masticating juicer will not be an economical investment for household purpose. They make noise and are not good for a small quantity of juices.

A third type is a triturating juicer, which exposes the fruits or vegetable to the minimum possible heat. The juices produced using a triturating juicer is more fresh and nutrient rich. A few companies that are famous for making good juicers are Morphy Richards, Philips, Ken star, Usha, and Prestige. Indian market is filled with a few local players as well. People still prefer buying from the bigger brands as a juicer that lasts longer is what everybody wants. Hopefully, the tips we gave you add up to a happy buying experience of a juicer.