You Have Not Heard Of These Easy Ways To Fix A Leaking Toilet

A clogged drain and a blocked sink are the last disasters you would want to experience on a Monday morning. If you are bothered by one, you need to contact an expert in your area. keeps things flowing smoothly. Read reviews published by readers in to help you pick the right plumber.

Meanwhile, until help arrives, you can resort to these simple tricks to keeps things under control.

Water leaks

This common problem would have left you like a bundle of nerves. Before you run to fetch the plumber, check if there is another leak near the toilet. Usually, a leak near the base occurs only after a flush. Tighten the screws and bolts at the base of the toilet, or you can get the wax ring replaced.

The flush does not work

This might be due to the fact that the chain has come off loose or it is hindering the flush valve from opening. Check the condition of the chain. Has it come off loose or is it broken? Replace them or if this does not work, see if the float ball is placed low.

Phantom flushes

As the name suggests, you might hear the toilet refill by itself. This happens after a flush or when the water has drained off. Experts call it a “phantom flush,” marked by a mysterious visitor flushing the toilet and causing a refill.
Check for a leak from the tank or scrutinize the flapper seat. Replacement is required if the flapper has worn out.

Water trickles into the tank

The hissing sound from the toilet is nothing but the trickle of water through the supply line. Check for the float ball, inlet valve, and the refill tank. The float might need a bit of adjusting, or you might have to replace the ballcock with a new one completely.

Clogged drain

Often, tissues and bits of paper can cause a clogged drain. Keep a force-cup plunger that can be used to get rid of minor clogs. Insert this device into the drain and use your energy to pump it. Let go of the handle to see if the drain has cleared. Repeat the process until things get sorted.
For major clogging issues, you can insert a closet auger inside the drain hole. Rotate the handle and push the device downwards. Exercise caution while using this gadget as it can cause scratches on the sides of the bowl.

Leaky seals

Most of the standard toilets have a minimum of five seals which can cause a major leak at any point in time. You can find a large seal placed near the tank and bowl. If there is a break or a fault in this seal, you can expect a major leak with sprays of water underneath the tank. Tighten the screws or replace the old seal with a new one.
If you have a duct tape close to you, use them to seal a crack or reduce the possibility of a major water leakage. The supply tube has ferrules that can get damaged or dented during the course of time. A Teflon tape can be used to seal it up until you can find help.

Though these tips sound simple, you might like to take help of a professional plumber if you are not comfortable with the idea of repairing the leak by yourself.